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Welcome to my practice!  I offer Therapeutic Massage to support your optimum health, functionality, vitality, and strength through relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, releasing movement restrictions, alignment and with other benefits that may include improved sleep, digestion, and immune function.

I use Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques including Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, ScarWork and Cupping and suggest clinical stretching and strengthening exercises and other self help to maintain progress between massages.  I’m experienced in massage for chronic pain, overuse and accident injuries, Scarwork and Oncology Massage, TMJ Disorder Intra-Oral Therapy and am a past member of the Maine Sports Massage Team.  I also love giving luxurious and beneficial Relaxation massages.  See the valuable benefits of relaxation below.

My passion is helping people feel their best.  I appreciate the uniqueness of each client, with his or her individual nature and love helping them achieve their goals.  I enjoy working with a variety of people including seniors, athletes, those with pain from overuse or injury, complex medical conditions, people with different abilities and those in recovery.

I also practice Shiatsu, Japanese form of acupressure, which enhances flow in the body’s meridians and restores physical, mental and emotional balance. For more about how it works, see the Services & Rates page. 

I'm a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher.  In addition to the option of receiving a full-body Reiki session, this energy work can be incorporated into massage sessions.  It's also useful for treating areas prohibited from regular massage becasue of local contraindications such as contusions & fractures, surgery & port sites, inflammation, blood clots, and lymphedema. See more about how it works on the Services & Rates page.

 What to Expect:  For your first visit, we’ll review your health history as well as your goals for the session (such as stress relief, pain relief in specific areas, and relaxation).  Chronic or past conditions, repetitive actions, and often posture, gait, and sleep positions will be discussed.  During the massage, you are comfortably covered with a sheet and blanket.  Only the body part being treated will be uncovered.  Bolsters & folded towels may be used under the shoulders, knees and other areas for alignment and to enhance relaxation.  A table warmer is also available.             

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage:  By releasing tension and restoring balance to soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia), many new or chronic issues can be relieved: headaches, jaw pain, numbness or pain in forearms and hands, as well as pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, gluteals, legs, feet and more.

The Relaxation and mood-lifting components of massage are just as important as pain relief.  Deep relaxation feels wonderful!  Also, when muscles are relaxed, they are less likely to press on nerves and blood or lymph vessels.  With the "pressure off", the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body is freed to operate in happy harmony.

Oncology Massage:  Benefits people who have or have had cancer include deep relaxation, pain relief, reduction in depression and anxiety, improved sleep and many more.  Depending on the condition, treatments, timing, lymph node removal, and how the client is feeling, adjustments and precautions are made to ensure safety, comfort and benefits.              

In addition to my private practice, I worked for five years at the medical office of a Physiatrist, doctor of pain management and rehab, with clients in acute or chronic pain caused by workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents.  I also worked in a Chiropractic office for over five years.


"I've always greatly enjoyed my sessions with Kate. She listens to what areas have been bothering me and uses great care to work on those during a session. I appreciate how passionate she is about giving her clients the best experience possible, and I always leave feeling incredibly refreshed. Book an appointment with Kate now, you won't be disappointed!"  Ashley A.

"I loved the entire experience and felt so much better afterwards! It was the best hour of my entire life!  I felt great afterwards." (Reiki) Ceanne L.

"Kate is a fantastic massage therapist with thorough knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. She has many techniques that have resolved my pain issues over the last year. With her diverse knowledge of many techniques, she is a huge asset for me in maintaining good health."  Ann B.

"I found Kate through my wife. Kate listens to my concerns first and then thoughtfully and thoroughly plans her approach for that session. She is a highly skilled practitioner with my overall well-being first and foremost." Rob B.

"I found Kate Gerencer while researching massage therapists in the greater Portland area and had a massage and Reiki session yesterday. I have had therapy with many massage therapists over several decades and this experience with Kate was exceptionally healing. She tailored the therapy to my needs and I definitely will go to Kate whenever I need relief from muscle and joint pain and stress relief. I had never experienced Reiki and it was deeply relaxing. I highly recommend Kate for her knowledge, skills and compassion!"  Sharon O.

"Kate does a great job with massage, using a great mix of methods to suit your needs. She truly cares about her patients and does her best to meet all their needs." Cindy P.